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The t-shirts you see Richard wear from time to time were made by me, originally just for Richard.  Many of you have expressed interest in the shirts, so Richard suggested I make them available to his fans.

The shirts are created by heat transfer using a commercial heat press, various printers and transfer materials.

The shirts are generally $10.00 for white and $11.00 for color shirts (SM-LG).

However due to the increase of the size of the transfer material need to enlarge the impression on shirts sized, XL-5XL cost $1.00 more for the larger impression. In addition, 2X-5X shirts cost a $1.00 more so when selecting 2X-5X an additional $1.00 will be added.

General Pricing

White T-Shirt   SM-LG $10.00,  XL   $11.00,  2X-5X $12.00

Colored T-Shirts   SM-LG  $11.00,  XL  $12.00,  2X-5X  $13.00

We can make custom shirts with your own logo and designs, just contact us

at through the contact page and we can discuss costs and layout charges and quantity discounts.

Since t-shirt orders are made to order and the availability of color or size varies from time to time, the normal turnaround time for a shirt order is

7-10 days, but may extend to up to two weeks if shirts have to be ordered or a large quantity are ordered.

In addition to this site, I run Pittsburgh Area Computer Services, and repair, build, sell and maintain computers, websites and provide other printing services, including but not limited to business cards, letterhead, post cards, collectable cards, envelopes and signs. Check us out on our website :

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